Racine Black Legacy Project

Our History…Our Narrative…Our Stories

Sentinel Mentors is excited to announce a historic initiative from Sentinel Mentors! The Racine Black Legacy Project. This is an effort to tell our story, our narratives, our history, here locally in Racine County. Much of the contributions, experiences and lives of black people in Racine has slowly disappeared with the ages and incremental loss of our elder generations to the annuals of history.

Now its time to reinvigorate, educate and share our experiences to create a long lasting record of the lives, history and people that have influenced the fabric of our community! We need your help. We will be producing a film documentary, capturing photos and written stories to create a permanent, ongoing collection of black history in Racine County. We are seeking volunteers to be interviewed on film to be included in the documentary. In addition we are seeking written stories and photographs from everyday people who have lived the black experience in Racine. for more information, go to www.sentinelmentors.com to learn more about how you can help leave your legacy for generations to come!

SM_BlackLegacyProject_2019 small.png