Planters for The People!

Excited about our community service project, Planters for the People, Planting The Seeds for Growth! A collaborative community service project lead and created by our amazing youth of Sentinel Mentors. Involving community partners, This is a unique training opportunity where our youth will learn how to use tools of the trade to design and build beautiful flower garden planters for the community. Youth will develop skills such as the safe use of power tools, 3D Printing & graphic design software as well as learn about construction materials, terminology, and MORE! We have a few more spots available for youth 5th - 12th grade.

Our young people will build, design and decorate flower planters out of concrete, as well as wood.

In collaboration with Wayman AME Church, our students will also learn about the unique history of Wayman AME church and use that rich, unique history as design cues and references in the design and finishing of their flower planters.

To sign your child up to participate in the Planters For The People project, click here to register.