We are excited to announce our 1st Annual Sentinel Mentor Education Summit! A day packed with information for parents and students alike to provide tools and tips on how to be engaged, active and participate in the students success.

Our presenters collectively have over 50 years in education, ranging from Special Education, Mentoring, Instruction and Administration.  Come to learn about ways to you as a parent can get involved and actively participate in your child's education!

Sentinel mentor

Sept 1.
9am - 12pm
George Bray Neighborhood Center
924 Center Street

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Individual Education Plans (IEPs): How To Navigate the system. 
Presenter: Tasia White

The Parent/Teacher relationship: Tools for
effective engagement.
Presenter: Scott Terry

College & Tech College Readiness: Get In, Stay In & GRADUATE!:
Presenter Julani Byan

Learn about the 2019 HBCU Spring Break College Tour!  
Presenter: Daryl Carter

keynote address

Kevin Brown.PNG

Dr. Kevin Brown