become a sentinel

Why become a Sentinel you may ask?  Leadership, academic success, and the support network that surrounds, engages and holds you accountable for your goals.  THAT'S why our mentor program is unique, and helping youth to make their mark in the world!  



We build leaders.  The Sentinel Mentor program develops the natural gifts and talents our youth already possess.  We help them discover who they are. 



Failure is not an option.  We work to help our Sentinels develop confidence in the classroom.  By any means necessary.   


support network

Once a Sentinel, Always a Sentinel.  The support network you will be a part of as an active program student as well as an alumni ensures that no one get left behind. 


parent resources

The Sentinel Parent Resource Network as an awesome system of support for all of our parents to help them be the best parents they can be for their children!